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Website – Wearable Print

Preview - Wearable Print View »
Preview - Wearable Print
Client: Wearable Print
Delivered: WordPress CMS, Jquery, SEO, Design
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Wearable Print is West Yorkshire’s premier supplier of textile products, throughout the UK and Europe. Wearable Prints current website was looking dated and needed an urgent facelift.

Goinnovate provided Wearable Print with a customised CMS using the ever popular WordPress platform. We designed a sleek looking site, that emphasised wearable prints catalogues, contact details and general information about the site.

The site now boasts a multitude of facilities – latest news, specials page, custom blog, quotation & contact form and RSS feeds, all of which have been utilised to improve the efficiency of the wearable internet presence. We also did a fantastic job on the SEO and the site ranks in the top 10 for all of its key words.

Website – Expression Tints

Preview - Expression Tints View »
Preview - Expression Tints
Client: Expression Tints
Delivered: XHTML/CSS coding, SEO, Design, jquery
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Expression Tints is the leading window tinting company in West Yorkshire, providing an impressive glass tinting service to the Leeds and Bradford area. They needed a website to reflect their growing business and the value of their services.

The smooth JavaScript animations and high contrast colours make the site both impressive and user-friendly. The navigation is simple yet affective; Expression Tints services can be browsed without opening multiple pages and contact information is shown throughout.

With web standard, Search Engine Optimized code, Expression Tints website is fast loading and ranks high in search engines such as Google etc.

Website – ALU

Preview - ALU View »
Preview - ALU
Client: ALU
Delivered: XHTML/CSS coding
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ALU today is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of first-class point-of-sale fixtures and merchandising systems. ALU commissioned Goinnovate to build the CSS and XHTML for the new and improved website.

Website – Robert Shaw

Preview - Robert Shaw View »
Preview - Robert Shaw
Client: Robert Shaw
Delivered: XHTML/CSS coding, Design, Domain Names, Jquery
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Robert Shaw is a talented cinematographer, from Leeds; He approached goinnovate in need of a one page portfolio website to showcase his latest work, provide details about himself and have the ability to collect peoples details via a contact form. This is what we came up with.

Website – True Media

Preview - True Media View »
Preview - True Media
Client: True Media
Delivered: Flash, XHTML/CSS Coding, Design
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True Media is a production company from Leeds; they needed a web site to showcase their latest work. We provided them with a site that utilizes a mix of Flash, JavaScript and XHTML. The site uses these technologies to leverage the showcased work provided by True Media.

Website – UFHRD

Preview - UFHRD View »
Preview - UFHRD
Client: UFHRD
Delivered: WordPress CMS, Website
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