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The Full Project Description

Robert Shaw is a talented cinematographer, currently residing in the city of Leeds; we were approached by Robert with some very simple requirements – “I need a web site to show my work, a little introduction copy about myself, a downloadable CV and some way for people to contact me and maybe some domain name ideas.….. Oh….one more thing I have a limited budget! ”

We took all this into consideration and came up with The website was designed in a way that everything fits on a single page, with the majority of the site taken-up by the most important element, the showcased work. Implementing the use of Jquery we were able to hide elements that are not necessarily needed when you open the site. These elements can then be activated with a single click.

We think it’s a brilliant product that fits all Roberts’s requirements and most of all is wallet! I can assure you he was in agreement.

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Always Shaw

type: Website
delivered: Jquery, CSS/XHTML

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